Song Lyrics

Frozen Fantasy

I can see you, can you see me? Or is this a reflection of what’s meant to be?
You’ve left me frozen in this place in time!
I hear the stream, or is that my tears?
As they fall from my eyes and travel for years,
I may never know why you’re so cold.

Help me I’m frozen, in this mirror above.
The one where you went while looking for love.
You’ve walked by me a thousand times, cannot see what’s before your eyes,
Frozen, I’m frozen.

I hear the wind as you call my name, your voice to me, still sounds the same
Enchanting as always, my heart, you hold in your hands
I feel the snow as it falls in my eyes, freezing the tears that never did dry,
I’m left wondering, is this my time to die?

I feel your hands, your lips on mine, and in my excitement, I open my eyes,
Only to find that you’re no longer there,
Just frosted glass, left from your glare
I dream of you as the cold becomes hot, envisioning things, I know are not
I can’t wake myself from this fantasy

Cold, cold, so bitter cold
Cold, cold, bitter cold.

© 2015 Rebecca Alfrey Music, BMI


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