Song Lyrics

I Got Over You

I thought I saw you today.  It’s been such a long, long time.
My heart gave itself away, when I looked in your eyes,
I took a deep breath and turned, not ready to face you again,
And wondered just how you’d been

I got over you, I swear I did.  You don’t mean a thing to me, like you did back then.
As sure as I’m standing here, I’m done holding on to you.
No more tears.  I got over you.

I tried to hide my feelings in the blues and the drink
Everywhere I went, I heard your name
I sheltered my heart the best way I knew how
I ran into trouble, but I’m out now

I saw your smile on each person I met, I heard your laughter
But only felt my regret
Time surely does heal us, but sometimes we hold on
To the thing that we longed for, but now I’m moving along

©2016, Rebecca Alfrey Music, BMI


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