Song Lyrics

Little Girl

Little Girl ©2018 Rebecca Alfrey Music, BMI


Little girl, how long you gonna run
Trying to find peace that you couldn’t find at home
Little girl, are you having fun
Looking for that man that’s long gone you don’t have to be alone anymore
Little girl

You grew up too fast, the wind in your face
Your childhood didn’t last, I know you lost your place
What I wouldn’t give to change the past, to give you a taste of the good life

Have you found the answer in the bottom of the bottles?
That I see in the pictures you send back home
Have you found the man that your daddy should’ve been?
In the bars where you don’t leave alone

Do you wake up at night and wonder about me
The way that I think of you
Are the stars aligned in this world of yours
Where we’ll be together soon


My heart breaks for you, I wish that I could prove,
That there’s no need to keep running from the past,
But I can’t and I know that you’ll keep going,
Until you come to me at last, little girl.



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