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That’s Not a Rabbit!

Along the same lines as the I’m Almost Sorry post, this story is a collaboration of memories from my older sister and I.  I don’t always trust my memories, especially of early childhood, as they seem to be muddied with fantasy and make believe.  So, with that being said, this is mostly true, at least what we can remember of it!  For those of you who didn’t grow up in the country life getting your legs nettled by a flimsy limb from a tree as a form of punishment, that’s called a switch!  Enjoy!

With Daddy being a preacher, we sometimes held prayer services or bible studies in our home.  There were a lot of us crammed in the tiny space that night.  The room was hot, the light from the lamp emitted warmth over top of the sweating bodies seated around the room.  Legs tangled and twisted as each person tried to make themselves comfortable whether on the floor, in one of the few pieces of furniture and some who were standing to get a bit of cool air.  I was sitting on someone’s lap on the long leatherette couch, holding a switch in my hand.  A switch that recently been used to nettle my legs because I was a mischievous child.

I can recall at least one family there, squished into this small room.  They had three kids, maybe four, but I really only remember their oldest daughter who was in her mid-teens at the time.  I don’t know if I can’t remember her name or if I’ve blocked it, but I remember her hair, oh, her hair!  This was the late 70’s and much like today’s fashion, anything went.  She let her long, black, curly and beautiful hair grow wild and then combed it out into a perfect ball of fluff.  Well, that’s how it looked in my little four year old mind.  I don’t recall the specifics of daddy’s message that night.  I do, however, recall a story that he told to make it memorable.

When he was a young lad (that’s what he called himself, having an Irish background), he and his brothers would go hunting for rabbits.  Rather than shoot them, they’d follow them to their burrows and put a stick into the burrow, winding it into their hair (I know, not nice to the rabbits at all…I’m just recollecting memories here) and pull them out.  Then, they killed them.  And ate them.  I digress.

Being the visual person that I am and now understand, I could see this so well.  Not the killing, the twirling of a stick into soft rabbit fur or the perfect ball of fluff sitting in the floor in front of me.  What daddy didn’t share, that I remember, was how they un-twirled the stick from the fur.  That would’ve been nice to have known!

So here I sit, on someone’s lap, having been crying for getting a spanking for acting out and they gave me the switch!  What kind of brilliant mind did this?  I don’t remember! I do know that they wished they hadn’t!  Trust me! I listened to daddy’s story, I visualized that cute little fluffy bunny rabbit and all that cute little fluffy bunny rabbit fur but I saw her cute, fluffy fur in front of me.

Oh, yes.  Yes, I went there!  Yes, I took the switch and wound it into her beautiful, curly, black, combed out fluffy hair and I wound it and wound it until it was tangled around the switch.  My four year old mind hadn’t quite figured out how to get it out, so I yanked.  Not once, not twice, not even three times, but over and over!  When she yelled, I pulled harder, trying to get my switch out of her hair.  She pulled and I pulled.  The results were not pretty.

She cried, I cried.  Her mother cradled her in her arms and attempted to assess the damage.  And there was damage!  When she pulled and I pulled, a lot of hair came out on the stick I’d twisted into her hair and left a perfect little round bald spot in the back of her head.  Not pretty.  Definitely painful!  I got spanked.  I got my hands smacked and then my bottom.  Not with the switch, though.  Just Momma’s hand.  Momma held the hair covered switch up in front of me and demanded to know what I was thinking.  This is what parents do to four year old’s who are the fifth child in the family.  They get treated like they’re much older and more mature than they really are.  “What were you thinking?” Momma demanded.

I may live to be a hundred and I don’t think I’ll ever forget my answer.  “I wanted to catch a rabbit.” I said, demurely, while sniffling back tears that trickled down my face.  “I just wanted to catch a rabbit like daddy.”

“Well, that’s not a rabbit!” was her retort.





Quick Read, Song Lyrics

I’m Getting Used to Lonesome

I’m Getting Used to Lonesome, ©2017 Rebecca Alfrey Music, BMI

You walked away, took my heart, left the key by the door,
Said I was better off without you, that you didn’t love me anymore

I’m getting used to lonesome, just me, myself and I
No one to tell me what to do, or how to live my life
I’m getting used to lonesome

No one complains about morning breath, the dog doesn’t seem to mind
If I drink my breakfast or leave a mess, as long as I feed him, he’s fine

I have my coffee, just like I want, bitter and strong
No use for sweetener since you’re not around, my need for sugar is gone

I moved your clothes and the things you left, to the box for the second hand store
Soaked with tears that I couldn’t stop falling, as I thought of the good times and more

My bed isn’t cold, as you’d expect, the dog, he keeps me quite warm
He doesn’t steal the blanket and freeze my feet, and he doesn’t snore








The Dream

It was late that night, the bar almost closed,
Last call was soon to be near,
I packed up my baggage to take back home,
When he sat next to me, in the chair

No pick-up lines from this sad looking man,
Worry clearly had a hold on him,
He called for a shot, straight, not on the rocks,
Said to leave the bottle of gin

He offered me a sip of mother’s ruin,
Knocked back a shot or two,
Sighed real hard and wiped tears from his eyes,
My heart nearly broke in two

As much as I hated to, I asked how he was,
Knowing this could be a long night,
He said he’d had a bad dream and when he awoke,
He’d killed his true love with a knife

My first reaction was to bolt for the door,
Shocked, I was to the bone,
I reached for the bottle he’d left in front of me,
And drained it of a little bit more

I wanted to reach out, I wanted to run,
Not sure what I was to do,
I put myself in the place of this man,
And asked him a question or two

Turns out he’d loved her since he was nine,
Gave his heart to her back then,
They became sweethearts and married in time,
She was the one he believed in

He worked every day, from nine to five,
Sometimes a few hours more,
To give her the best that this world could offer,
And all that he could afford

One night last week, he came home late,
Dinner was still warm on the stove,
She wasn’t there, or so he thought,
Until he heard a moan

It seems that his true love wanted more,
Than he could give her each day,
Told him she was leaving and took all that he had,
And went on her merry way

Song Lyrics

This Is Me

This is Me, ©2017 Rebecca Alfrey Music, BMI

Jump out of bed, get dressed, gotta do my face and my hair,
Eyes and lips and lashes and nails, showin’ the world I’m there
Does buying all this stuff really mean I care?

At night, when the face comes off and I’m undone, this is me.
Fresh and clean, if you know what I mean, this is me.
Comfy clothes, got my t-shirt on, the dog by my side and my favorite songs,
This is me.

Got my war paint on, headed out to work, gotta prove myself as a girl
Glass ceiling is high, but I can break through, taking on the world
Making my mark to prove a point, will it get me anywhere?

Headed to the wedding of Jenny and Joe, bought a gift I can’t afford
Gotta let them know how much I love them, by the price on their new toys
Doesn’t love just come from the heart?


I wanna run away, run back home, to the place where I belong
Let my hair down, lay aside my care and prove the world wrong
I just wanna, I just wanna, I just wanna….be me

Song Lyrics

Dulcimer Girl

Dulcimer Girl, ©2017 Rebecca Alfrey Music, BMI

Dulcimer girl, play me a tune, make it soft and sweet
You take my worries with your song and fill me with peace

There once was a fair maiden, with skin so fair and eyes like the skies
A voice from heaven and fingers so nimble, her dulcimer made the king cry
He heard her one day from his throne room so high, she sang a song about love
The earth held its breath for her melody was sweet as the turtle doves’

He asked to find her, he need her there, this sweet little dulcimer girl
Her words were like magic, like none else he’d heard in this whole wide world
He couldn’t find her, this fair young maiden, whose voice brought him such joy
He sent out a party to bring her to him for he needed her so

We found the young maiden in the village below, hocking her wares
Humming a tune beneath her breath, working without a care
We asked her to come to the castle so high and play for our king
She packed her possessions and came along with, happy to sing

The king was enraptured, he worshiped her there, this sweet little dulcimer girl
Gave her fine clothes and riches galore, gold, rubies and pearls
He couldn’t wait to listen to her as she played her tunes
When sleep wouldn’t come, he called for her, to sing away the blues

The sweet young maiden, with skin so fair and eyes like the skies
Soon realized that even with all the gold in the world, her happiness died
Kept in a fine prison of rubies and pearls, she felt her magic fade
The songs took more than she could give and she vanished one day

We searched near and far for this dulcimer girl, she never was found
In the forest at night, if you listened as well, you’d hear a sound
Of the king on his search for the dulcimer girl, riches he carried with him
Calling out as he sought for her, his voice carrying with the wind

Song Lyrics

The Waltz

The Waltz ©2017 Rebecca Alfrey Music, BMI
on my new album coming out later 2018!

Watching you across the room, my heart is beating so
Fast that I can hardly move, but I know that I must go
Bowing low, full of hope, that I may hold you near
And dance this waltz or two and show you that I care

One, two, three, One, two, three, one, two, three and turn
One, two, three, One, two, three, one, two, three and turn

You take my hand, your smile so shy, as we move across the room
Pretty people passing by, I only have eyes for you
Alas, our dance has ended now, but I’m not ready to let go
I want to hold you longer still, my love for you show

Maestro, play us another song, make it sweet and slow
I want to hold my darling near and never let her go

Song Lyrics

The Reason Why

The Reason Why ©2017 Rebecca Alfrey Music, BMI
Song on new album coming out late 2018!

I got tired of running, so I went back home
Wanted to see mom and dad
Forty four, divorced and alone
Not the best time I’ve ever had

I wished I hadn’t stayed away so long
It was only fear that kept me gone
I got so busy living life
I forgot the reason why

Daddy took my hand, walked me down the lane
Said it’s been a while
Momma went to heaven, about a year ago
Time sure does seem to fly

We sat and talked, over a cup of joe,
Catching up on good times passed
Daddy caught a yawn, said, “I’m turning in,
‘Cause five o’clock will get here fast.”

Watched the sun set, skies of red and gray
Kind of like my life has been so far
No regrets for yesterday,
The past shows us who we are.