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Am I still your songbird, Daddy?  Is my song still sweet to you?
I haven’t let the world take my light from me, it’s still shining in each each word of truth

Since I can remember, I’ve always sung and used to be Daddy’s little songbird
But life has taken its toll on me somehow and I often wonder, am I Daddy’s little songbird now?

I didn’t lose my voice when I took my fall, the ground was low and cold but I didn’t stall
I picked myself up and kept going through my day, sharing my words with all along the way

The pit was deep I didn’t know how to climb, out of that mess I found myself in
Finally, I saw the light and found my way to sing again.


©2016 Rebecca Alfrey Music, BMI

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Leaving Me This Way

I’ve been working and working, my fingers to the bone
And I got nothin’, nothin’ left to show
For all the time I’ve wasted, being someone else’s fool
Only to find myself alone



What do you take me for, leaving me this way?
Thinking I’d get by on my own
What kind of man throws his heart away,
with words that cut me to the bone?


Day in and out, I’ve given you my love
Only to have it tossed aside
Without a doubt, there’s no more us
Can’t you see the tears in my eyes?


I’ve waited so long, to be free
Of this prison you call love
I know it’s just you and not me
That’s what makes it so tough

©2016 Rebeccca Alfrey Music, BMI

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I’m Almost Sorry (But I’m Not)

It’s always interesting to hear stories of our youth and mine is assuredly no different from everyone else’s, with the exception that I’m the middle of nine children and a preacher’s kid.  Uhn huh!  I’m, you can spell it with me, T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!

So, as a young girl, maybe 8, or 9, or 10…I attended my daddy’s church with another family of rowdy kids.  One such young fella thought he was soooooo smart and kept taunting my siblings and I, telling us that we were soooo stupid because our mamma didn’t homeschool us like his did him!

He’d sneak up behind us in church, you know when we were supposed to be quiet, when daddy was keeping an eagle eye on us from the pulpit; and whisper sneers like…”you’re so dumb!  You go to public school!” or “y’all are so stupid!  I’m smarter ‘cause I’m homeschooled”, little braggart!

One such Sunday, just before church let out, it was hot inside the church and daddy was long winded.  My younger brother noticed this snarky little kid heading out the door to the old outhouse.  He caught my eye and motioned for me to follow him.  Sometimes, the blind leads the blind and other times, we hold hands to our demise.

We tiptoed out to watch from behind the pine tree and see where he was going.  No plan really.  Just curious.  Well, the super smart fella got into the old outhouse and closed the door and as sure as I’m standing here today, the devil bade us go have a little talk with him!

I can only imagine how the kid felt when he heard the outside lock close.  It wasn’t there to keep anyone in, but to keep the door shut when the wind blew!  So, now the question was…who was really smarter?  Was it the kid that was homeschooled or the ones who attended public school with all the other farmer’s kids?  Was he really so much smarter than us?  How was it that he was so smart that he didn’t take a sibling with him when he went outside alone?  Hmmm?

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The Dreaming Tree


There was a void where I could hide
And my cares ran away
I found magic there, deep inside
At the dawning of the day

The dreaming tree, it sheltered me
Sheltered me from the pain
My dreams came alive and the nightmares would hide
When the sun came out again

Day in and out, I sought refuge there
And in its arms I did rest
I told it my secrets and fears
As I lay on its strong chest

One night as a storm blew in, from my bed I did creep
Out to see the dreaming tree for its safety I did seek
But to my surprise when I arrived, it was no longer there
In its wake, where the earth did quake I found the ground to be bare

I cried out for it to shield me again
For the strong arms to hold me tight
But it was gone, my dreaming tree
And in its place stood a knight

© 2015 Rebecca Alfrey Music, BMI

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You Were the One Who Went and Got Lonely

You were the one who went and got lonely, you were the one that strayed
Don’t come crying to me only, to tell me you wish you had stayed


I dreamt of our life together, I thought we’d grow old and gray
I never knew that could not be true, because of your cheating ways


I thought we were happy together, your love was like a good wine
But it made me trust you too much, and now I’m paying the fine


I’ll get over us somehow, I’ll find a new love in time
I won’t forget your love, darling, I just wish it were mine


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© 2015  Rebecca Alfrey Music, BMI

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Whippoorwill Lullaby

009_na© 2015, Rebecca Alfrey Music, BMI

She snuck out for a moonlit stroll, never more to return
her shallow grave on the hillside lay, all covered in thickest ferns
At night she roamed the lovers trail, for her darling she did seek
When he was not to be found, you could hear her softly weep

Oh why, oh why,  have you left me here all alone?
I’m cold, so cold, I need you now, to warm my weary bones

As nights grew long, you could hear her cries
So sad and lonely was she,
the whippoorwill sang a lullaby to put her soul at ease

Rest my dear, my lovely child, for you are not alone
Young Willy will meet his own demise,
and forever he will roam

He’ll toss and turn and fret and beg, but death’s icy hand will choose
the very marrow from his bones, just like he did to you

Rest my dear, my lovely child, for you are not alone,
Young Willy has met his own demise and now he’s yours to hold


The Mirror

With scorn and malice I pull back the shroud that covers the silver-lined reflection of my soul
I see confusion, blurred lines; marbled realities unfold in this chamber of torture

As a woman, I am taught to judge incessantly, to strive for perfection, to be a number, not myself
To fit in Cinderella’s tiny shoe

I see every pit, curve, dimple, mark, spot, darkness, wrinkle, fear;
I see them all
I strain to re-create this beautiful creation that I cannot see-to somehow morph it to others standards

I lean in and look closer, careful not to lose myself in this dark pool of hatred

I focus. I refuse to see what others see; I look deep into the sad, haunted eyes staring back at me and recognize love.
Hidden, but peeking from beneath hooded lids, finding a crack and shining-straining for all the world to see, to be noticed; to be shared.

Daring- to bare the truth, the beauty, the ugliness, the pain, sorrow and humanity kept in this bottle of confusion.
Out it flows, creating a deformed meme of what should be, inking up my vision, muddying my mind.

I push-push away, I fight, I scream. The agony of being held back so long is released in a mournful wail. I must break free.
Refusing to bend or bow to a cruel, cold world, or break under the strain of another’s load.

Standing tall, in peace, in acceptance and in grace- I live.


© 2014, Becki Alfrey